Free in-home estimates

Many factors determine the amount of carpet needed to properly cover your floor. Many times, measuring the square footage of your home and submitting for an estimate can lead to more questions than answers. Our expert guidance and design expertise is provided free of charge. This measuring service results in accurate estimates and the opportunity to understand our clients needs.

Skilled installation

For over 50 years Wagner Carpet Co. has been providing the best installation service in the business. All installations are completed  by our highly trained craftsmen. Wagner Carpet Co. is a resource for luxury hotels, architects and designers. Professionalism and attention to detail continue to be the core of our business. Proper installation is an integral part of your purchase. Quality carpet installation requires the mastery of many techniques related to seams, pattern match, stretching and difficult cuts. The mastery of these techniques enhances the result, yields less waste and prolongs the life of your carpet. 


Wagner Carpet Co. shares your concerns about the environment. Every effort is made by our company to limit waste and dispose of used materials responsibly.  All carpets no matter how "green" have some chemical component. The best way to care for the earth when working with carpet is to dispose of material in the proper place and limit the amount of "extra" carpet ordered from the mill. In addition, ask our installers if your pad can be reused. We are happy to advise our customers if any existing pad is worth reusing.

Wagner Carpet is a member of the California Carpet Stewardship Program and recycles carpet instead of sending used carpet to the landfill.

Carpet recycling

Wagner Carpet Co. is proud to be a licensed California Contractor: License # 252735