Why choose Nylon? 

Nylon carpet offers an excellent value when considering cost, durability and style when choosing wall-to-wall carpet. Nylon carpet is the most popular choice of carpet buyers looking to install carpet. Nylon spans the market as a value choice to a luxury product depending on the fiber system and construction. It offers excellent resiliency to stains and durability.

Top nylon fiber systems include:

  • Stainmaster™

  • Tactesse™

  • Luxurell™

  • Ware Dated™

  • Nylon 6,6


Why choose Wool?

Wool is considered to be the pinnacle of all carpet fibers. Wool is heralded as the perfect fiber for constructing carpets. Wool's natural fiber structure enables wool to withstand years of use while maintaining its beauty. The scales that support each individual fiber contribute resistance of liquid and the crush resistance of furniture. Another important fact about wool is that it is a renewable resource. Wool carpet is the best choice  when investing long-term in your home. Quality wool carpets will outlast all other fiber systems.